Shame on the enduro world

The controversy assails the world of motorcycling once again and, this time, it focuses on enduro. During the participation in the 47th edition of the Enduropale du Touquet (in France) one of the most shameful and unsportsmanlike actions ever seen so far has been experienced. At the very start of the test, just a few meters after starting, a pilot went to the ground among the avalanche of participants, staying in the middle of the track when many of his teammates managed to successfully dodge him. However, one of them intentionally ran over him in front of dozens of people who came to see the first round of the FIM Sand Racing World Cup and did not hesitate to burst into shouting at the reckless action

The motorcycle with the number 322, which corresponds to Tom Maurizi, passes over without caring about the state of his rival. Aware of what he does, intentionally and in order not to waste more time in a test where more than 1,300 pilots have participated. In addition, as can be seen in images recorded by the fans present, the aggressor turns after hitting the partner lying on the ground, knowing what he has done but not intending to stop to assist the hurt rival. Meanwhile, the victim squirms even more at his recklessness.

The images have not taken long to go around the world and become, sadly, viral. They have also caused the chain reaction of several motorcycle pilots, even participants in the MotoGP World Championship in its many categories. Among them, Marcos Ramírez, a Moto2 rider, was already asking for an exemplary punishment for the pilot. But the reactions did not take long to arrive either: the organization asks the French Motorcycling Federation for the immediate expulsion of Maurizi from the enduro event, one of the most famous in France and which, moreover, is part of the official competitions of the International Motorcycling Federation (FIM).

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“After seeing the images, the organization has urged the French Motorcycling Federation to summon pilot no. 322 before the National Court of Discipline and Arbitration. According to the different videos, it seems that the pilot nº 322 has deliberately circulated over a fallen participant in front. The organization considers this behaviour, morally and sportingly inadmissible and contrary to the values ​​that we defend at the Enduropale du Touquet, and we demand that an exemplary sanction be issued”, reads a statement from the organization that, in addition, joins the formal petition that already gathers more than 9,000 signatures of the 10,000 necessary to be able to submit it to the French federation. In addition, it is not ruled out that the FIM could get a strong hand in the controversy and raise the corresponding sanctions.

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