Shakib can’t be aceed by personal attacks: Bratya Raisu

If you want to ace Shakib, you have to do something else, talking about his personal context, poet and writer Bratya Raisu commented that he cannot be ace.

There is a rumor that Raisu doesn’t know anyone on social media. From there, Shakib Khan’s ‘height of acting’ has left many in awe. Many people are also responding to this in Raisu’s comment box.

Raisu said, ‘If you want to ace the hero Shakib Khan, you have to do something else. He is not revealing about his wife and children, there is no bail for that talk. It is his responsibility to protect his privacy. It does not matter if the wife divorces and marries a new wife and separates again.

Why does not man do what he does not want—this coercion is feudal coercion.’

Regarding Afran Nisho, Bratya Raisu said, ‘Afran Nisho Sahib is a newcomer to the cinema line. So talking down to Shakib Khan is his professional requirement. He can ask for this.

nothing bad But it would be better to talk about Shakib sahib’s performance in this line. Taking her privacy doesn’t look good.’

He said, ‘Versatility or multidimensionality is a great quality in acting. That is not among many.

So they want to act with a look. Not the look or the attitude, but the character needs to be immersed. how is it going Along with the director and actors, the audience will also decide that.’

Afran Nisho made a comment to the media yesterday, which many saw as a personal attack on Shakib.

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