Shakib-Apu is traveling with his son in New York!

Currently, Shakib Khan is at the center of discussion of Bengali cinema. Because his movie ‘Priyatma’ released on Eid is doing good business. Yesterday Friday (July 14) the movie went to house full in different cinema halls of the country and abroad. Meanwhile, rumors have been going on for quite some time that Shakib Khan and Apu Biswas are getting together once again after their divorce.

Shakib has not said anything about this, but Apu’s several interviews in the media fueled the rumours. Now that rumor got stronger seeing the two together.

Right now, both Shakib and Apu are in the United States. But the surprising thing is that the two were seen together on the streets of New York.

Shakib-Apu and son Joy were seen together in the video

A video clip of Shakib-Apu hanging out in New York has surfaced online. In that video, it can be seen that Shakib Khan is coming out of McDonald’s in New York holding his son Joy’s hand, Apu is also with him. They then crossed the road, got into a parked black car and headed home. In another video, Shakib is seen driving in a very cheerful mood.

Apu is sitting on the seat next to him. And sitting in the back seat is their son Abraham Khan Joy. Citing various sources in New York, a media reported that Apu arrived there with Joy on Thursday afternoon local time. That night and on Friday, Shakib-Apu and their child Joy were spotted out and about together. Shakib went to the United States on July 2.

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