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Shahrukh-Ranbir’s connection in this country, in Bollywood

Last year it was “Paran” and “Hawa”, this year it was “Priyatma” and “Tunnel”. When you turn around at the end of 2023, these two images will appear before your eyes. After discussion, criticism and controversy whether the film could attract two viewers. It’s hard to remember the last time when two films of the same Eid did such good business.

Apart from these two, there were some good films this year that audiences didn’t like.

Shahrukh-Ranbir's bond of joy in this country takes place in Bollywood
Jaya Ahsan and Ajmeri Haque Bandhan

There were no new films released for most of the year. However, the calculation resulted in 51 images! There are also films in the list that the media is unaware of the news of the release! Just given for publication! The Dhakai film market now specializes in two Eid-centric markets. Big budget films are being made for the Eid release.

The rest of the year was dominated by Indian films. From this year, Shah Rukh Khan, Salman Khan and Ranbir Kapoor will be appearing in theaters in Bangladesh. Coincidentally, two artists from Bangladesh made their debut in Bollywood this year. Jaya Ahsan has been a regular face in West Bengal films for almost a decade.

With his name this month Bollywood actress tag added. By “Karak Singh”. Previously, Ajmeri Haque Bandhan made his debut in Khufia in October. Both have managed to live up to their name. Not just these two, Indians’ interest in Bangladeshi films has also increased.

“Hawa”, which was much discussed last year, was released across India earlier this year. The film was also released on Sony Live in the middle of the year. Banned in Bangladesh, the song “Saturday Afternoon” was released on this platform on November 22nd. Thanks to Bangladeshi content on OTT, the appreciation of Bangladeshi artists has increased. The context was created over the last three years, this year its application took place. Tasnia Farin acted in “Aro Ek Prithivi”, Ziaul Farooq did a wonderful job shooting for “Chalchitra”, Musharraf Karim’s second film “Hubba” is awaiting release, Shakib Khan was in charge of the joint production (“Pan Indian Film” in the director’s words). ‘Dard’.

This year’s two hit films ‘Priyatma’ and ‘Suranga’ were also released in Opar. The biopic about the Father of the Nation, “Mujib – Shaper of a Nation,” is running across India in Bengali and Hindi. Bangladeshi actor Sanjay Samddar was not the only one to produce the Opar Jeet-produced film Manush.

It seems that Shah Rukh-Salman has given Bangladeshi artists and talents a chance to work in their own country in return for screening their films in our cinemas.

Several songs from the film hit the charts this year. However, interest in making songs outside of films seems to have waned considerably. Coke Studio Bangla presented some good songs in the second season. The rest are songs that were created with the idea of ​​“going viral.”

A lot of good things were achieved in the OTT sector this year too. Thrillers and thrillers are selling well in the medium, with few outliers this year. Charki from Bangladesh has opened its branch in West Bengal which is very promising. This time the noise was a disappointment. The Indian platform may have lost interest in Bangladesh just as the G-5 has lost interest.

The state of television dramas is catastrophic. It was quite a challenge to find the top five dramas of the year. Channels are now dependent on YouTube views, and this year the status of views is also very poor. New dramas aimed at special days will no longer be produced. Once there was a drama on World White Cane Day, now the channels are broadcasting dramas from three to four years ago even on Victory Day.

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