Shahrukh Khan made a joke with members of the Gauri family at his reception.

The Bollywood industry is known for many amazing celebrity couples who never fail to achieve their goals. Meanwhile, we are going to tell you an anecdote of Shahrukh Khan and Gauri Khan in this story. Whenever this couple goes out, they both never fail to draw people’s attention with their red-hot chemistry. Along with this, their love story has also managed to move millions of hearts. King Khan is known for his acting, many people do not know this story. The superstar made a joke in front of her in-laws during their wedding reception, which surprised everyone.

During a talk show conversation, Shahrukh had recalled how her marriage to Gauri had made many headlines. He said Gauri’s relatives wondered if they would change Gauri’s religion and name. Shahrukh said: ‘I respect you all and I respect your beliefs. When I got to that old-fashioned reception at one in the morning, they were all sitting there. Many people whispered that ‘Hmm, he’s a Muslim boy. Hmm, will that change the girl’s name? Will Gauri become a Muslim?

Recalling this anecdote, the Bollywood Badshah revealed and said, “I gave my answer to this and said, ‘Okay Gauri, put on your burqa and offer prayers now.’ The whole family stared at us if he had already changed his religion. So I told her: ‘From now on she will wear the burqa all the time, she will never leave the house and her name will be changed to Ayesha.’ Everyone was surprised to hear this, but he had just made a joke with Gauri.

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