Shahnaz Gill had no coach yet an actress too fat to fit

<p estilo="text alignment: justify;"After Siddharth Shukla's death, Shahnaz Gill felt that her entire world had ended. She had stopped working, just as laughter was not visible on his face like before. Now the actress is trying to get back to her old life once again. That is why they have begun to work, they have begun to be happy. A few months after Siddharth's death, people started trolling when Shahnaz was seen laughing during a friend's wedding. However, she made no difference to Shahnaz. The actress says that Siddharth never told her not to laugh. Siddharth always wanted Shahnaz to be happy.

<p style="text alignment: justify;"Shehnaaz revealed all of these things on Shilpa Shetty's Shape of You show. He also openly talked about her weight loss process. Shahnaz recounted what she did when she had to lose weight. Shehnaz Gill said that during this trip he ate the same food that he used to eat before. He used to think how lucky actresses are, how many personal trainers they have, but I have nothing. Shahnaz said that everyone can stay fit even if they stay home.

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<p estilo="text alignment: justify;"If you don't have permission to go out, then walk in your house. You can do whatever you want. It can also fit into salwar suits. Regarding the diet, the actress said that she did not take any different diet. In the morning, she used to drink tea, drink turmeric water. After that, Ella Shahnaz starts the day by drinking water with apple cider vinegar. Also, she sometimes eats gram dosa, fenugreek paratha for breakfast. Shahnaz said that she prepares high-protein breakfasts. She has only reduced the portion of food.

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