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Shah Rukh Khan’s Face Was Not Seen On ‘Jawan’ Poster, So ‘Pathan’ Fulfilled Fans’ Demand

Shah Rukh Khan's Face Was Not Seen On 'Jawan' Poster, So 'Pathan' Fulfilled Fans' Demand

Bollywood mega superstar Shah Rukh Khan has shared the latest poster of his upcoming movie ‘Jawan’ on social media. Along with this poster, King Khan has also announced the new release date of ‘Jawan’. But in this new ‘Jawan’ poster, fans fail to see Shahrukh’s face, so fans started demanding for the photo of him. Meanwhile, complying with the demand of the fans, Shah Rukh Khan also posted the latest photo of her.

On Saturday, Shahrukh Khan shared the latest ‘Jawan’ movie poster on his official Instagram account. In this poster, Shahrukh is seen with a spear in his hand and covered in bandages all over his body. All the fans started commenting on this poster of Jawan that why King Khan is not showing his face on this poster. In such a situation, how can Shahrukh not listen to the fans of him?

At the request of the fans, Shahrukh Khan has shared his latest image on Insta, in which King Khan is seen in the guise of Messi. In the caption of this photo, Shahrukh has written that: ‘Ok thanks everyone, some people say my face is not visible in the latest Jawan poster. That’s why I show a glimpse of my face here. Don’t tell the director and producer. I love you all. This last photo of Shahrukh is liking a lot on social networks.

In this caption, Shah Rukh Khan has further written that: “I look forward to meeting you in theaters on 7th September 2023, I love you and goodbye.” Tonight, Shahrukh has announced this new release date for ‘Jawan’. It is known that ‘Jawan’, made under the direction of veteran South Cinema director Atlee, was going to be released on June 2, 2023.

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