Shah Rukh Khan owns 17 mobile phones and still doesn’t talk to his best friend, reveals a friend

King Khan struggled to fulfill his mother’s dream. His journey from the small screen to the big screen wasn’t easy. But Vivek Vaswani helped Shah Rukh during this difficult time. He not only introduced the actor in films but also offered him accommodation in his house. There was a time when both of them were best friends with each other. But now this unbreakable relationship between the two is coming to an end. This was revealed by actor and producer Vivek Vaswani. He told that his last meeting with Shahrukh was in 2024.

When asked why he doesn’t try to meet Shah Rukh, he said, “Shahrukh has 17 phones and I only have one phone.” I can only talk when he brings it up. After Jawan, I called him but he didn’t pick my call. While I was in the shower he called and I didn’t answer. He is constantly on the go. He also has responsibilities, he runs an empire, so I’m fine.

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