Shafin’s popular song of the nineties is now in Tashfi’s voice

Shafin Ahmed made a new song again. The name of this new song is ‘Magn Bhano’. The song has been written by poet Mahadev Sahar, composed, composed and composed by him. However, Tashfi gave the voice in the song.

This new song is released on the occasion of upcoming Eid. The song was first recorded in the late nineties. The song was sung by Shafin Ahmed himself. The recording of the song was recently completed at Kandy Recording Studio. The song is released by Double Base Productions.

Why is Tashfi singing Shafin’s song? In response to such a question, Shafin told Kal Kantha on Tuesday afternoon, ‘Tashfi is a promising pop singer of the present time. To clarify, Fuad is one of the frontline Tashfi who has worked with. When the girl told me she wanted to do this song, I couldn’t help but agree. He’s a big fan of my nineties music.’

Shafin Ahmed also said, ‘I like Tashfi’s wonderful singer. He mainly sings blues or rhythm and blues style. I like her singer very much. As a result, I guess everyone will like this song.’

Suman Kalyan played the keyboard of the song. Syed Reza Ali played the guitar. Besides, Shafin himself played bass, acoustic and other instruments. He also did the mixed mastering himself.

Next Friday (April 21) this new song named ‘Magn Nhaha’ will be released on YouTube.

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