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Shadow Blow explains how he got together with Yailín la Más Viral in

Shadow Blow explains how he got together with Yailín la Más Viral in

Shadow Blow celebrates the success of their collaborations: the theme “Just you and me” together with Yailin the Most Viralthe album “Saga” that he premiered with Lápiz Conciente and the reception of “Anoche te vi” that he did with De La Ghetto for Don Omar’s album, entitled “Pain is love”.

Regarding the song with Yailín, with whom he has had a good friendship for many years, he explained that it arose organically.

12 days after the premiere of the video clip for “Solo tú y yo”, it has remained a Dominican trend with 10 million views on the YouTube channel.

This collaboration was born when a few months ago Yailin returned to the country and proposed to Shadow to go to a studio, but in principle it was not to record anything.

“It was more for the purpose of talking, having a drink, a hookah… hanging out for a while. But since we both like music, we put on an instrumental, we went flowing… then, she stopped me and told me that she had a song that MelyMel had written for her, who is also an exponent of my country, and she wanted to finish it with me ”, Shadow Blow told the Spanish radio station Los 40 Principales.

Shadow immediately realized it would be a musical “stick” when he was introduced to the song. “I immediately put together my voices and she recorded a video in the studio that immediately went viral. We did it fast, it was nothing planned, it just happened organically,” she expressed.

About his production with Lápiz Conciente, He affirms that with this musical idol he learned a lot about what it is to make a collaborative album. “Saga” is the first album to be made in the Dominican Republic in collaboration between two established leaders of the urban movement.

“So, I learned a lot about making music not just for myself, but in collaboration. I always produce my music, sometimes also with other producers, but I am always involved in the process. So I had to make that production seeing how it can work, I was making different ones and it is a very great experience, ”de Lápiz said gratefully.

On the topic, he added: “His fans joined mine and mine joined his. The experience was great and I also learned a lot about him. We were estranged, but now we have come together and I have learned a lot.”

Shadow Blow feels “like day one” with David Cobrate’s label, 212 Music.

“We have been in the genre for 8, 10 years now. That impulse that one feels at the beginning… I feel that it is happening to me now again (…) The last videos we have made have brought a new generation of fans and that is why I feel with that new impulse, that joy, as if we are starting again”, he expressed emotionally to Los 40 Principales, from Spain.

Shadow Blow was in recent days on a tour of Europe, which took him to Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Florence, Italy, among other cities.

“There were four exclusive shows, but above all media tours and getting to know all this a little more. The crowd is incredible, yesterday was super epic. We were super sold out, and almost two hours,” Shadow Blow told Los 40 Principales.

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