Sevilla sells more than 13,000 tickets for the Budapest final

Sevilla reported that, once the acquisition period closed, Nervionenses fans have acquired a total of 13,018 seats for the Europa League final, against Roma in Budapest. The club had 15,000. Although there are still many Sevilla fans looking for a way to travel to the Hungarian city, support for the team at the Puskas Arena is expected to be much higher than it was, for example, in Basel against Liverpool, in 2016, when they were about 6,000 fans who accompanied Sevilla.

UEFA must send the tickets to the email with which the ticketing website was accessed. In this sense, as the ticket sales period was extended by one day, the European organization will finally begin to send them this Saturday the 27th and not on Friday the 26th. Shipping will be gradual and will last until Monday. Ticket holders must download the UEFA Mobile Tickets app on their mobile phones, in which, after receiving an email notification, the inputs will also appear, still deactivated, that are part of the same purchase.

Once the tickets are received, buyers may transfer them to their holders or keep them in their terminals, although UEFA explains that it will be possible to access the stadium with a maximum of two entries on the same mobile phone. Tickets can be transferred until just before reaching the security perimeter. Once they are activated, it will be impossible to pass them on to another person.

Sevilla emphasizes that the tickets will remain deactivated until the arrival of each spectator at the access controls to the Puskas Arena in Budapest, and that it will be necessary to access with the mobile phone charged and the Bluetooth activated. UEFA allows access to the stadium with external batteries, as long as they do not exceed the size of the phone itself.

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