Sevilla puts LaLiga in trouble

Whenever a Spanish team has played a European match on Tuesday or Wednesdaysaid club has played its league game on saturday. A measure adopted by the employers so that the affected footballers recover in conditions for the European duel. But Sevilla will not be able to benefit from this LaLiga policysince the day before the Europa League final (Wednesday, May 31) is unifiedly set for Sunday, May 28.

This has been agreed by the employer and the Spanish Football Federation, establishing for that date the dispute of all the games of day 37 in which there are common objectives at stake. And, although Real Madrid no longer have options to win LaLiga, Sevilla does have to qualify for the Conference or Europa League. This forces them to always play in the same time slot than other teams like Girona, Betis, Athletic and Osasuna, who are also fighting to go to Europe. Which makes it unfeasible to opt for the easy solution to this problem: advancing only that game to Saturday. Like it is impossible to advance the entire unified day to Saturday so that those from Mendilibar have one more day of rest. The reason is that the lions and rojillos play each other on Thursday, if LaLiga chose to advance all the games one day, teams like Osasuna and Athletic would not rest the minimum of 48 hours that is mandatory to comply. That is to say, it would be to benefit Sevilla to harm the rest and break a rule. Something that is not going to happen.

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This gibberish of dates pkills Sevilla and it does not give a very important oxygen ball for a Spanish club to be closer to winning another European title. Unless LaLiga invents something almost impossible, a solution. But what it denotes is that neither the Spanish Football Federation nor LaLiga fell into the spring of 2022, when the calendar was drawn up and agreed of this season, in which a Spanish team could play said final. Then they set to dispute the day 36 during the weekpreventing the 37th from being held on Saturday to give more hours of rest to a hypothetical Spanish finalist.

Although, as the employers have already denounced several times, said calendar was a headache at the time of making it because of FIFA’s decision to advance the World Cup in Qatar to winter. This made it necessary to bring together the dates of all the competitions (Champions, League, Cup, Super Cup…). Either because of the World Cup or because of a mistake by the RFEF and LaLiga, Sevilla will have less rest than desired to play the final of the Europa League.

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