Home Sports Sevilla pays for its slowness against Hansa Rostock

Sevilla pays for its slowness against Hansa Rostock

Sevilla pays for its slowness against Hansa Rostock

Sevilla suffered their first defeat of the preseason in their fourth friendly. It was in Germany, before Hansa Rostock, who penalized the slowness of Mendilibar’s men and imposed his best physical condition at this point in the summer.

Mendilibar lined up an eleven enough starter, in which surprised position behind Delaney’s striker and the start contest of three of the internationals incorporated later: Gudelj, Acuña and Navas. The world champion was going to be the sad protagonist of the first goal for the Germans, since a faulty assignment back was taken advantage of by Pröger to impose his speed and benefit from Dmitrovic’s faulty start.

The 10th minute was running and until half an hour the marker did not move again, although in a similar way. The Hansa Rostock found spaces behind the Sevilla defence, Pröger flew again and gave Bachmann the second goal. Sevilla had timidly appeared in attack with some dalliances from Idrissi and Tecatito Corona, but very little.

The pace dropped in the second half and the substitutions did not change the face of a Sevilla that, despite everything, closed the gap on the tran tran. Rakitic filtered an excellent pass between the German centre-backs and Rafa Mir defined with quality. Sevilla tried until the last minute but the legs that were in short supply at the beginning of the match were also missing at the end, producing the first defeat of the preseason.


Hansa Rostock: Kolke, Neidahrt, Rosbach, Dressel, Rossipal, Kinsombi, Bachmann, Van der Werff, Schimacher, Ingelsson and Pröger. Strauss, Güler, Vasiliadis, Singh, Amougou, Hinterseer, Rhein and Breier also played.

Seville: Dmitrovic; Navas, Gattoni, Gudelj, Acuna; Fernando, Delaney; Tecatito, Rakitic, Idrissi; and Rafael Mir. Alberto Flores, Juanlu, Kike Salas, Pedrosa, Pedro Ortiz, Óscar and Isaac also played.

goals: 1-0 (10′) proger. 2-0 (33′) bachmann. 2-1 (63′) Rafael Mir.

Referee: Bastian Dankert

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