Sevilla FC’s powerful alternative to Luis Milla is the target of Betis

Monchi knows that they will have to reinforce the midfield this summer

Louis Milla is one of the players who will leave the Granada C.F. this summer and Sevilla FC is one of the many teams that have asked about their situation. Of course, they are not the only ones who love the midfielder, because in recent seasons he has performed at a very high level. That is why important teams have asked about his price, because he will certainly not play in the SmartBank League.

As we have commented, Sevilla FC is one of the teams that has asked about the footballer, although it is not the only name that is on Monchi’s list. The sports director of San Fernando shuffles a long list of candidates and among them stands out the name of a Turkish midfielder that this season has performed at a high level. A footballer who is followed by important European clubs.

Luis Milla Seville
Abdülkadir Ömür, on Sevilla FC’s list

Luis Milla, an option for Sevilla FC

Speaking first of the Spanish midfielder, there are many clubs in the upper part of the classification that have knocked on his door. Clubs like Real Betis or RCD Espanyol are the ones that have contacted Granada CF to discuss a possible transfer. However, the parakeet club has an important advantage over the rest of the interested teams in the Santander League.

And it is that Luis Milla would meet again with Diego Martínez at RCD Espanyol, something that the player likes. Likewise, the club is working on an ambitious sports project and he could be an essential part of the project. But at the moment he has not made a firm decision and the rest of the clubs are still waiting to find out where the player will end up once the transfer market opens.

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Sevilla FC looks at a young Turkish talent

Knowing that they are not favorites to sign Luis Milla, Sevilla FC have begun to explore other options. One of these options is Abdülkadir Ömür, Trabzonspor midfielder. At 22 years old, he has established himself as one of the most important players in Turkish football. That is why he has attracted the interest of major European clubs, who want to sign him.

Among these clubs, Real Betis stands out, which would have already asked for a price to address the operation. Monchi wants to get ahead of the Verdiblanco team for which he understands that he is one of the great talents of Turkish football. Now we just have to wait, but it seems more and more clear that he will not continue with Trabzonspor next season, as he could make the leap to a top-level league.

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