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Sevilla FC take advantage of the signing of Juventus to go for Arthur

The Brazilian midfielder could leave the Italian team after the latest signings

Arthur Melo he is not going through his best moment at Juventus that Sevilla FC wants to take advantage of it. The Seville team looking for midfielders for the next season and the interest in the Brazilian comes from afar. Before heading to Serie A they were already interested in his situation, but finally he did make the exchange with the Italian team in exchange for Pjanic, who has not performed as expected either.

Now, Juventus is very close to closing two new additions for midfield, which will close the doors even more. That is why it is very likely that he will end up leaving the club this summer. Arsenal was one of the teams that showed the most interest in the playerbut in recent weeks this interest has been fading and the Premier League no longer seems to be an option for him.

Seville Arthur
Arthur Melo runs out of space at Juventus

Sevilla FC wants to recover the best Arthur

As we have commented on previous occasions, the Sevilla FC market will be very busy. Monchi himself has recognized this, assuring that he is one in which he has the most enthusiasm. It is not for less, because he will have to face a great reconstruction of the squad, since several of the most important pillars of the squad will be transferred and others face the final stretch of their career.

One of these cases is that of Rakitic, who this season has already experienced a drop in his performance. That is why Sevilla FC wants to incorporate a new midfielder, with Luis Milla being the closest to reaching the club. But in a more creative profile, the name of Arthur stands out, who could be a market opportunity this summer, since Allegri does not have him.

Juventus opens the door to Arthur

As we have known in these last hours, Juventus of Turin has closed the signing of Pogba. The French midfielder will return to the Italian club and will do so with the full confidence of Allegri, who will give him a permanent place in midfield. But he is not the only one, as Di María, who in recent seasons has delayed his position, could also join the Juventus project.

This relegates Arthur Melo to a completely secondary role, something he is not willing to accept. That is why he could look for a way out of this transfer market and the Santander League could be his destiny. Specifically Sevilla FC, which could reach 20 million euros to close his transfer. A low amount for a player with enormous quality and great potential yet to be squeezed.

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