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Sevilla FC Sevilla FC without mercy for the controversies of Acuña Wilmer Ayala – December 1, 2023 – 7:30 p.m

His low level coupled with the attitudes inappropriate for a professional have given him the opportunity to leave the Nervión team in 2024. The coaching staff won’t tolerate it, the instructions even less and now it’s the fans who can’t stand it.

Full-back Marcos Acuña’s situation at Sevilla FC is becoming hotter and more untenable every day, to the point that it affects everyone in the team. To contextualize it a bit: the Argentinian is from Argentina the most controversial players and angry in the Nervionense squad. He had that attitude both on and off the field.

At the end of the game against PSV, Acuña was the protagonist of a fight that almost came to blows. He went with his teammate Rafa Mir into the tunnel that leads to Ramón Sánchez’s dressing room. This situation reached the ears of the directors, who will not tolerate such behavior at Sevilla FC.

Seville Acuna
Acuña’s last conversation was his discussion with a Sevilla FC fan after he wrote: “In good times everyone is there, but when there is a fire, very few do.”

Marcos Acuña is sentenced at Sevilla FC

In addition to his poor performance, the attitude displayed by the Gaucho winger is inappropriate for a professional footballer. This creates a tense atmosphere in the locker rooms and sows discord throughout the team, ending harmony there. For this reason, the sports and general management of the Sevilla team has decided that it is healthiest and most convenient for the club to remove the player as quickly as possible.

Víctor Orta has ordered that the Acuña situation be resolved this winter window. This includes exits by any condition, although it is most preferable that it be final. The Argentine has a contract until 2025 and his base price is 8 million euros. The positive is that there are some teams interested in signing him.

Sevilla FC fans are the judge of Marcos Acuña’s departure

As if the fight with the Murcia striker wasn’t enough to destroy the harmony in the club, the defender did something that completely angered the Sevilla fans. After the game against the Dutch team ended, the entire stadium shouted at the players as a sign of discontent.. The Argentine took this gesture very badly and reacted through his networks.

The message that Marcos Acuña left on his social networks was the following. “In good times everyone is there, but when there is a fire, very few are there.” This caused one fan to step aside and call him out on his attitude. But the footballer once again expressed his hostile behavior and eventually broke off his relationship with the fans.

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