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Sevilla FC Sevilla FC makes Marcao fat to sell him at the best price Wilmer Ayala – December 21, 2023 – 6:30 p.m

The current sports management has realized that the contribution of the Brazilian defender is very small and therefore it is best to recover the investment. Although it will be quite difficult given his physical condition.

Brazilian defender Marcao Teixeira joined Sevilla FC in July 2022, but what he has achieved on a sporting level is very little considering the price they paid for him. It was Monchi who approved this operation for around 13 million euros, when the value was estimated at 14 kilos. Even if I know that The defender was prone to injuriesThey decided to buy it.

Since becoming a Sevilla player, Marcao has been hospitalized a total of six times, including the current admission. New coach Quique Sánchez has been in office for less than a week and already knows he won’t have the Brazilian. Víctor Orta agrees, who came up with the idea of ​​selling it not at the winter market, but in the summer.

Price mark
Sevilla FC bought Marcao despite knowing he was very injury-prone.

The reason Marcao won’t leave Sevilla in January has to do with his current price

As mentioned, the Rio defender had a price tag of 14 million in 2022. This value has currently fallen to 6 kilos. And if they’re lucky, a team could pony up 4 or 3 million for his signing. But the plans of the Sevilla sports management are to get 100% back of the investment, i.e. the 13 kilos that they paid for it a year and a half ago.

To achieve this, Orta met with the new coaching staff and asked for their favor to play for Marcao for as long as possible. This is so that the South American market regains its level and thus its price increases until the next summer market. But if your injury routine continues naturally, it will be very difficult to achieve the goal.

Marcao is currently injured

The Sevilla club did not want to reveal it, but the 27-year-old defender has returned to the hospital. Everything indicates that this new physical setback is related to his previous (muscle) injury. That means it’s a relapse. The most important thing wasn’t mentioned either, namely how long he won’t be able to play.

It doesn’t take a fortune teller to guess that it will be very difficult for Marcao to increase his price in the market if he continues with the constant number of injuries. Sevilla FC is currently working hard on planning the starting eleven that will face Atlético de Madrid in the Cívitas Metropolitano this Saturday from 4:15 p.m.

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