Sevilla FC Pepe Castro accused of collecting commissions Mairenis Gómez – December 7, 2023 – 00:29

The allegations against Pepe Castro and their impact on Sevilla FC

The recent Accusations against Pepe Castro, President of Sevilla FC, have caused a whirlwind of speculation and concern in the Sevilla world. According to reports Castro would have been involved in collecting illegal commissions through his company, referring to the stadium’s video scoreboard. Although Castro has denied the allegations, this scandal raises serious questions about ethics and transparency in the club’s administration.

At the heart of the matter is a document that directly links Castro to these practices. This document, part of an agreement between Castro and Fernando Molera Picazo, contains details of a marketing contract and commission payments amounting to several thousand euros. The figures mentioned, including advances and commissions, paint a complex and potentially compromising picture for the president of Seville.

Termination of the financial agreement between Castro and Molera

The documents appear to be part of an agreement between two people, Don José Castro Carmona and Don Fernando Molera Picazo represent their respective companies. The text states that both parties signed a marketing agreement on August 27, 2014, which was amended on December 30, 2014. The intention is to regulate the economic effects of the previous contracts and to agree on changes.

Details of deposits and commissions in the contract

Additionally, A payment of 69,000 euros plus VAT from Airis to Castro as an advance commission payment is mentioned and that Castro earned commissions of 44,512.10 euros plus VAT, leaving 24,487.90 euros as unliquidated advances. In addition, an additional payment of 200,000 euros including VAT was agreed to be paid to Castro as a down payment.

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Castro orders
The document refers to a meeting between the two above-mentioned parties that took place in Madrid on March 1, 2016.

Financial adjustments and guarantees in the Castro and Airis contracts

The second document details whether the surplus collected through promissory notes is greater than the existing oneAiris will reimburse Castro the difference and provide a guarantee mechanism with promissory notes with a guarantee of 50,000 euros. These documents appear to create the financial and legal basis for the settlement and adjustment of commission advances between the parties involved.

Impact on Sevilla FC

This scandal not only affects Pepe Castro’s reputation, but also his image Sevilla FC. The trust of the fans and the integrity of the club are at stake. Transparency and ethical management are crucial in sport and this case could represent a turning point for Sevilla in terms of how the company manages its internal affairs and communicates with its fans.

In the digital age, details of the Castro case have spread quickly, sparking debate and opinion on social networks and forums. The pressure of public opinion and the media may be crucial in dealing with this scandal. Sevilla FC faces an important challenge Crisis management, where transparency and effective communication will be crucial to maintain the trust of his followers. The scandal of Pepe Castro and Commissions is a clear example of the ethical and transparent challenges facing modern football clubs.

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