Sevilla FC call Marcelino

Monchi still has the thorn stuck from the Asturian’s sad passage through Nervión

The Sevilla F.C. is another of the possible work destinations of a Marcelino Garcia Toral who is ending the season very upset in the Athletic. With the end of the season and the fact that there are elections, the Asturian’s future is unknown Monchi intends to take advantage of.

Because we have known in the last few hours that the future of Lopetegui in it Sevilla F.C. Hang on a wire. The coach himself is open to seeking other challenges and would be seriously determined to leave the Sevilla F.C. in the face of the enormous criticism raised in recent weeks in the Seville capital.

Seville Marcellin
Marcelino doubts about his future at Athletic

Lopetegui seeks a change of scenery

And that Sevilla FC is one point away from tying the Champions League for the third consecutive year, something that had not happened before in the history of the Andalusian club. But you know how this works. If you give champagne and caviar to fans, they no longer want to go back to Serrano ham.

Sevilla FC has had a very difficult year, with a monumental plague of injuries to key players such as Suso and Lamela. But the fact is that he has also had no luck with the selection of the forwards of the squad, since neither En-Nesyri nor Rafa Mir have performed as expected.

Marcelino can return to Sevilla FC

Perhaps the desire to leave Lopetegui has to do with this completely unfair treatment. The fact is that Monchi had been waiting for a moment like this for a long time. The opportunity to have Marcelino back at Sevilla FC. Perhaps the only bench where good memories of the Asturian are not kept. But Monchi has his opinion about it.

“I have a very big thorn stuck, a thorn deeply stuck with a magnificent coach and a great friend like Marcelino. Monchi was largely responsible for the fact that Marcelino did not work at Sevilla, because he did not know how to make him a template in order to meet the needs and profiles that he needed. I got confused, I got confused, I was not able to give him the template that he needed. Marcelino did not succeed at Sevilla because of my mistake, ”he said some time ago in a talk.

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Marcelino is not the only alternative to Sevilla FC’s Lopetegui

Julen Lopetegui has been the architect of the great Sevilla FC in recent years. A team that won the Europa League just a few seasons ago and that fought for the league until the end last year. But now a time of change is approaching that could end with the departure of the coach this summer.

As we know, important players of Sevilla FC will leave the team in the transfer market. This is the case of Koundé, Diego Carlos, En-Nesyri or even Ocampos. Players who have been essential to Julen Lopetegui during his time at the head of the Seville team.

Sevilla LopeteguiSevilla Lopetegui
Lopetegui, signaled by the fans

The defeat against Real Madrid puts Lopetegui on target

Yesterday night, Sevilla FC had won the match against Real Madrid at halftime. However, the bad second half of the team has led to the first defeat at home so far in the league. A defeat that has come in a very bad second round for Sevilla.

Out of the Champions League in an affordable group and out of the Copa del Rey, Sevilla FC have said goodbye to titles this season. And there are already those who point to Lopetegui for his mismanagement this season, since he is responsible for not getting the most out of a very complete squad.

Sevilla FC has a coach in the bedroom in case Lopetegui leaves

At this time, the club’s confidence in the coach remains intact. But the same does not happen with the fans, as we have commented. That is why now that a project change is coming, there are those who consider that it should be time to change coach.

One of the best placed would be Diego Martínez, who since his departure from Granada CF is still waiting for an opportunity on a great bench. And in this situation, no bench seems better than that of Sevilla FC, which could look for a new leader to lead the squad. Of course, there are also other well-valued alternatives such as Ernesto Valverde.

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