Once again, the nervión club joins the bid for the Nigerian attacker

If they asked the coach of the Sevilla FC which is the most critical position in your sporting field, I would answer without a doubt that it is the front, where it would look very good Umar Sadiq. The Nigerian is the most effective attacker in LaLiga Smartbank, and has entered the history of the Almeria. It is hardly normal that the Nerve Set wants to include it in its equipment for this market.

Due to his high level, his scorer’s nose, and the incredible offensive vision he possesses when carrying the ball at his feet, the player is on the agenda of several teams. One of them is the Barcelona, which like him Seville painting, has a deficit of strikers that he has lost mostly due to injuries and health problems.

Seville Sadiq
The Nigerian forward has a good poster in Spanish football, but also in the main European leagues.

Sevilla and Barcelona lead the transfer intentions for Umar Sadiq

In LaLiga Santander there are several who have been interested in the services of the African striker, who among other things, already has 7 goals and 7 assists this season. The two biggest teams in Madrid, Valencia, Villarreal CF, Real Sociedad have tested it, but without a doubt those who have come closest to the player are Sevilla and Barcelona.

Both teams with important crises up front, will look for a way to sign the Nigerian in this winter window, or by far, the summer market. The two sports directions know that Almería UD will not let their star go by any figure. In fact, the president and owner of the indálico group, has expressed that they will refer to its clause.

An international team could snatch the signing of Sadiq from Sevilla and Barcelona

With the announcement of Turki Al-Sheikh (owner of Almería) in resorting to the clause for the departure of Sadiq, both the Sevilla team and the Barça team are in a predicament. The price of this clause is 60 kilos, not one euro more, not one euro less. The two LaLiga Santander teams could not cover the entire operation, due to the current crisis.

With the international poster that the Nigerian owns, there are several teams in Europe that want his services. Among them are Manchester United, Liverpool, Chelsea FC, PSG, Bayern Munich, and Juventus. Either of them is in a better position to exceed the offer of either of the two Spanish clubs. However, the player will also have a voice and vote to decide what their next destination will be.


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