Sevilla and Betis: Maximum tension after the derby

The Sevilla F.C. and the Real Betis Balompie staged one of the most interesting meetings in recent weeks. The game had everything, with great chances, goals and tension until the end. But off the pitch, tension remained high, something that is dangerous in the world of football, and more so than two clubs from the same city. Both the Nervión team and the La Palmera team have shown their discontent over various situations and the atmosphere remains heated.

The great derby It has generated a lot of controversy, especially for three expulsions, all reviewed and corrected by the VAR. Sanchez Martinez, the referee on the field of play, made the respective decisions in the different cases (in my opinion, three fair expulsions). Although it is true that, as stated by the papu gomezsoccer is a contact sport, it is also true that the regulations defend the physical integrity of the players above any other case, and that is that a soccer field should not be a pitched battle either.

-Sevilla denounces the Betis typhus, which in turn denounces Monchi

A game marked by the three expulsions of Montielprotagonist of a very violent entrance, Fekirduring a violent arm wrestling that has taken its toll on the Frenchman on more than one occasion, and Borja Iglesias, who made an unfortunate entrance without any intentionality that could have done a lot of damage to Jordán. Everything should stay on the field of play, as its own set, but the two teams have kept the confrontation off the field with the rope tighter than ever for many years.

On the one hand, the Real Betis denounces Monchi’s gestures on the pitch which, according to the verdiblancos, “incites violence”. Monchicompletely unnecessarily both due to the situation of the team of jorge sampaoli as for the match itself, in which the rojiblancos only managed to draw, he went down to the pitch beating himself on the chest while looking at the Sevilla fans, in a gesture of harangue after the match. To this responded in an “aggressive” way the coaching staff of the group of Manuel Pellegriniwhich caused a small tangana.

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On the other hand, the Sevilla F.C. denounces the tifo that the Betis fans showed just before the first bars of the match, where there were references to both Monchi himself and the stick that hit Jordán in the remembered match between the two teams during the Copa del Rey last year. Another totally unnecessary situation, as well as an unpleasant gesture, such as the actions of Betis by both players and leaders, who reacted with ridicule and gestures that objectively have led to said banner and have contributed to the increase in tensions, as well as Monchi’s gestures.

Both clubs, each on their own, should reflect so that the derby continues to be healthy and does not become a game marked by violence, insults and harassment, like the ones it received Nemanja Gudelj, in a shameful way, during his statements to different media in a mixed zone. Of course, neither of the two parties is trying to bring about peace, something that should be a priority not only because of the respect that must characterize these institutions, but also because the derbies continue to be ‘healthy’ and certain situations that do not should never be part of football.

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