Severe heat wave across Europe, could break records

A heat wave has spread across Europe. A severe heatwave is sweeping parts of southern Europe and northwestern Africa. It is feared that the temperature record may be broken in the coming days. News-BBC

Temperatures are expected to exceed 40 degrees Celsius in parts of Spain, France, Greece, Croatia and Turkey. Temperatures in Italy can reach 48.8 degrees Celsius. Red alert has been issued in 10 cities including Florence and Rome.

One person died in northern Italy on Tuesday. Italian media said the 44-year-old worker was painting a zebra crossing line in Lodi, near Milan. He fell ill during the summer. He died after being taken to hospital. Besides, a number of tourists including a British national were affected by heat stroke in Rome.

Italian politician Nicola Frattoianni wrote on Twitter, “We are facing an unbearable heat wave.” All necessary precautions should be taken to avoid death and illness in summer.

The Italian Meteorological Society fears that these extreme temperatures could turn into extreme conditions in the next few days.

The Met Office says the temperature may reach maximum on Friday. BBC Weather says large parts of southern Europe could see temperatures as high as 40C, possibly even higher.

Two years ago in August 2021, the Italian island of Sicily recorded Europe’s highest ever temperature of 48.8 degrees Celsius. More than 60,000 people died in Europe last year due to its effects.

It is feared that the intense heat wave may cause many more deaths this summer.

Experts say the duration of hot weather is increasing due to climate change. Because of this, it is now normal to experience record temperatures.

The European Center for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts said there was a global record temperature last June.

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