Beirut: Troubled by the severe economic crisis in Lebanon, people gathered outside the bank and rioted demanding their money.

According to the international website, a large number of people, distressed by the economic crisis, gathered to withdraw money from the bank, where they started a riot, people threw eggs and stones at the bank building.

Slogans such as “thief for eye, eye for eye” and “tooth for tooth” were also written on the walls of the bank. The army was called in to deal with the riot and several people were injured.

People gathered outside the bank said, “We are demanding our right, our money and our whole life’s earnings are gone.” Politicians and bank owners looted people’s earnings and sent them abroad in the name of their children.

In Lebanon, bank owners and a group of bankers, including politicians, lawmakers, ministers, religious figures and current and former prime ministers, carried out the biggest robbery in human history and deposited in banks, a source said. Loot the money of the perpetrators.

It should be noted that Pandora Papers has confirmed that Lebanese politicians and bankers have illegally bought expensive properties abroad. Many of these foreign accounts belong to the same ruling class that is being accused of bringing the country to this predicament and destroying the lives of ordinary Lebanese.

In a report this year, the World Bank said Lebanon was going through the worst economic crisis in the world in 150 years, with 70 percent of the population living in poverty.



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