Several tourists tip over a gondola in Venice while trying to take a photo

Last Sunday a group of tourists China It ended up in the water of the canals of the Italian city of Venice in the northeast of the country.

Chinese citizens they wanted to take a photo the family while they rode in a gondola Ignoring the repeated requests not to move away from the gondolier, they decided to get up and all stand in the same spot on the boat.

According to the newspaper The new Venicethe gondola they traveled on sixPeople finally tipped over Verona riverthe canal that runs near the La Fenice theater.

Everything happened, besides just the moment the gondolier was preparing to make one Maneuver under the bridgea navigation process considered difficult due to the high tide.

The tourists moved aside to take a photo, causing this swinging from the boat, and even though he yelled at her not to do it and to stop It was dangerousThey ignored it and carried on, the aforementioned local media reports.

with almost everything the weight is concentrated on a single endthe boat lost its balance and spun around, tip over. The professional and the tourists ended up in the water. The gondolier managed to rescue one of the passengers and bring him to shore. Then he dove in and recovered the others they no longer suffered that he scare and that cold to be completely soaked amidst the low temperatures recorded in Venice these days.

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