Several ISIS prisoners escape from earthquake-hit prison in Syria

Inmates at a prison rebelled after Monday’s devastating earthquake in northwest Syria, and 20 inmates managed to escape.

The World News Agency quoted the prison authorities as saying that most of the escaped prisoners belong to ISIS.

According to sources, the military police prison in Raju, a town near the Turkish border, holds about 2,000 prisoners, of whom about 1,300 are suspected of being linked to ISIS.

“After the 7.8-magnitude earthquake, dozens of aftershocks hit the area, causing cracks in the walls of the prison,” said an official at Raju Jail, controlled by pro-Turkish groups. Yesterday evening, a revolt started by the prisoners and they took over some parts of the prison.

On the other hand, in Turkey and Syria, the number of people who have died due to the severe earthquake has exceeded 5 thousand, thousands of people are injured, many buildings have become piles of rubble, large-scale relief activities are ongoing.

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