Several injured due to the explosion of a gas pipeline in eastern Venezuela

The governor of the Venezuelan state of Anzoátegui, Luis Marcano, has confirmed that several people have been injured by a strong explosion in a gas pipeline in the municipality of Simón Bolívar, in the east of the country.

The Civil Protection office has indicated in a statement that on Tuesday night there was an explosion in a possible gas pipeline in the Pica de Neverí sector, for which several teams of specialists have traveled to the area.

Preliminary information indicates that at the moment there are three injured, although the Risk Management System is evaluating the situation and the causes of the deflagration, which would have caused a fire.

For his part, Marcano has detailed on his Twitter account that it is an explosion registered in a "fuel line" at the height of the Naricual bridge. "It is presumed that (the blast) was the result of attempts to pierce the pipe. Protection and citizen security organizations already mobilized to the site", has said.

The mayor of the Simón Bolívar municipality, Sugey Herrera, has announced that she will travel to the scene of the incident. "On the site are the firefighters and the security forces of the state and the Simón Bolívar municipality. The fire is being controlled", has explained.


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