Several hundred Americans are waiting to leave Afghanistan

There remain “300 Americans or less” to evacuate from Afghanistan, declared Sunday the Secretary of State Antony Blinken on the channel ABC.

“We are working tirelessly these hours and days to get them out of there,” he said, 48 hours before the deadline for the US withdrawal.

More than 100,000 people evacuated by the United States

About 114,400 people including nearly 5,500 American citizens have been evacuated from Afghanistan by a gigantic airlift since August 14, on the eve of the capture of Kabul by the Taliban.

Those who chose to stay “will not be stuck in Afghanistan,” Joe Biden’s national security adviser Jake Sullivan told Fox, without specifying the number.

“We will make sure that we have a mechanism to get them out of the country if they want to return in the future,” he said, saying that “the Taliban have made commitments in this regard.”

Referring to the American strike on Saturday in retaliation for Thursday’s attack, which killed more than 100 people including 13 American soldiers, Jake Sullivan indicated that the targets, two of whom were killed and one injured, ” were operators and organizers involved in the transport and manufacture of explosive devices ”.

These targets belonged to the Islamic State group, whose Islamic State branch in Khorasan (EI-K) claimed responsibility for the attack.

Joe and Jill Biden go to the base in Dover, Delaware, on Sunday to pay their respects to the remains of the 13 soldiers killed in Kabul.

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