If you have a bike at home, bought recently, it’s time to check the model and its batch number. The website indicates that many bicycles and e-bikes are being recalled by multiple brands and major retailers due to Radius stamped brake issues. Several problems are singled out, such as premature wear of a piston seal, a risk of premature aging of the braking system or simply malfunctions.

Since April 22, many brands and lots have been affected by this recall. We first find bikes of the brand Nakamurawith barcode 3354068619573. These are the models: E-CROSSOVER, E-CLIFF LTD, E-SUMMIT 700, E-SUMMIT 740, E-SUMMIT SUV, E-FIT 150W, E-SUMMIT 740, E -FIT 150, E-SUMMIT EVO, SUMMIT EVO, FIT 250W, FIT 250, SUMMIT LTD, SUMMIT 920 L, SUMMIT 705, SUMMIT 715, COMPLITE 950 and COMPLITE 930.

The brand’s electrically assisted bicycles are also concerned. Woodsun : 27.5″ E-REFLEX mountain bikes and 27.5″ E-ROC SUVs.

All had been sold since February 1, 2021.

At the house of Green light, the E-ROX 100 (size M – ref. 481050) and E-ROX 100 (size L – ref. 482025) are also recalled. They have been marketed since August 1, 2021

For the brand Sunnthese are the models: YBSUM64504 – XC EXACT S2 M and YBSUM65004 – XC EXACT S2 L, sold since February 1, 2021.

At the house of EXSmany references are concerned: “Y9XSW14403 and Y9XSW15003-VAE CITd28” TROCADERO 8V 558, “Y9XSWJ4002 and Y9XSWJ4502-VAE VTCd28” BELLEVILLE 9V 606, “Y9XSWK4503-VAE VTCh28” BEAUBOURG 9V 6024 ” CHANTENAY 7V

They had been sold since May 1, 2021.

Finally about the brand TVTthese are the references: YBTTWB4501 – VAE E-CORTEX ms 413, marketed since February 1, 2021.

Owners are asked to return the products concerned to the point of sale in order to carry out repairs. A risk of injury is of course possible in the event of a braking fault.