Seven people, including two children, are killed in Russian airstrikes

On a tragic day that shocked the region KhersonAt least seven people were killed in a series of attacks bombing perpetrated by the powersRussian. The Ukrainian authorities have confirmed this death of two childrenone only 23 days old and the other 12 years old.

the interior minister, Igor Klimenko, assured on Telegram that five people died in Shiroka Balka, including four members of the same family. Among those killed is a 23-day-old girl, while a 12-year-old brother died after being evacuated to hospital in critical condition.

Mourning also spread through the city Stanislavwhere two other people lost their lives in another attack.

Igor Klimenko did not hesitate toterrorists“The Russians refrained from deliberately killing civilians and stressed the need to continue efforts to stop their actions.”

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