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Seven Features to Consider When Choosing an Ad Tech Platform

Seven Features to Consider When Choosing an Ad Tech Platform

Every day the world of digital advertising You are faced with new challenges and opportunities. Legal initiatives like the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)changes in privacy, challenges in data collection and the end of third-party cookies, can wreak havoc on the digital landscape. However, forward-thinking organizations are in the process of identifying and implementing ad technology platforms with the right balance of flexibility, innovation, and ease of use to enable them to successfully optimize their campaigns and gain actionable insights. That’s why it’s important to keep seven key issues in mind when looking for the right ad tech platform to help businesses thrive in today’s rapidly changing digital advertising landscape.

First, it is important to ask if the advertising technology platform can provide real-time data on the audience. In a world without cookies, your chosen ad technology platform must provide measurement of actual results and access to unique, real-time data that helps you understand who your audience is and what they are interested in. In addition, it would be important to consider whether it is easy to use ad tech platform and be clear that the user experience and interface of the platform have been designed to be intuitive and easy to use: from loading creatives to setting up a campaign, through access to actionable information. The platform should be simple and intuitive without compromising functionality. This will make it relatively easy for new users to get up to speed quickly so they can get campaigns up and running smoothly.

On the other hand, wondering whether to use the machine learning platform we use to discover purchase intent may be relevant. The ad technology platform should take advantage of the AI and machine learning so that users can observe the behaviors of the audience in real time and analyze the performance of the campaigns live to obtain optimal results in each impression.

Let’s not neglect assessing if ad tech solution provides you with advanced audience analytics to the company; look for an ad technology platform that takes advantage of the AI and machine learning models in your source data to get interactive audience insights in seconds instead of hours. AI and machine learning can be used to transform real-time data into predictive behavior patterns. By understanding consumer behavior patterns and predictions, you can deliver perfectly timed and uniquely relevant advertising, which ultimately drives performance.

Also, consider whether the ad technology platform being used includes planning and measurement tools that facilitate testing and learning, it is essential. The platform must harness the power of AI so that it is possible to A/B test different hypotheses to execute a test and learn approach and identify new growth opportunities. AI can also automate the ad buying process so advertisers can target more specific demographics. The platform must provide users with a complete understanding of marketing operations, from market research to executing email marketing campaigns.

On the other hand, it may be useful to ensure that the platform has a global consent framework that can evolve with changing privacy laws. The move away from cookies can be attributed to their ineffectiveness, as well as evolving expectations around consumer privacy. It is important that any ad platform chosen be based on a global consent framework that extends from the GDPR to the CCPA, and that can evolve with privacy laws.

Finally, put on the table if the company behind the platform is constantly working to update and improve its technology. Find out if the company stays ahead by constantly updating and improving the functionality of the platform. The platform must enable rapid experimentation, testing, customization, and continuous improvement of machine learning.

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