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Seven Afghans dead in chaos near Kabul airport

Seven Afghans have died in the chaos near Kabul airport, where thousands of families have gathered to try to evacuate the country after the Taliban seized power, the British Ministry of Defense announced on Sunday.

“Our sincerest hearts go out to the families of the seven Afghan civilians who sadly died in the crowds in Kabul,” a defense ministry spokesperson said in a statement. “The conditions on the ground remain extremely difficult, but we are doing everything we can to handle the situation in the safest and most secure way possible,” he added.

“No nation will be able to evacuate everyone”

As the situation worsens near Kabul airport, the British government has pleaded to extend the deadline for the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan. In the Mail on Sunday columns, Defense Minister Ben Wallace said “no nation will be able to evacuate everyone” from the Taliban-controlled country, as time is running out before August 31, a date set by the Taliban. administration for the final withdrawal of its forces from Afghanistan.

“If the American calendar is maintained, we have no time to waste in evacuating the majority of people who are waiting,” said the minister. “Maybe the Americans will be allowed to stay longer, and they will have our full support if they do,” the minister added.

The Taliban accuse the United States

British Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab is seeking talks with his US counterpart Antony Blinken to discuss the extension of the deadline, according to the Sunday Times.

For the tablilans, the United States is responsible for the chaos at Kabul airport where thousands of Afghans continue desperately to wait for a flight to flee the country and this must end “as soon as possible”.

“America, with all its power and its equipment (…), has failed to bring order to the airport. There is peace and calm throughout the country, but there is only chaos at Kabul airport (…) It must end as soon as possible ”, declared this official, Amir Khan Mutaqi.

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