Setién: “You have to take lessons from these games, but the best thing is to do it by winning”

Match: “The result does not reflect what we have done on the field, it is true that in the second part and once we have taken the lead, we have generated more chances and we have taken advantage of the spaces. But it has been a more even game than the result, it has cost us a lot in the first part, since they have come out with great desire and very well. We have tried to balance it, but it has reached its goal which has thrown us off a bit, to which is added that we have needed to find the spaces. We have not been very precise, although it is true that they have closed the spaces well, they were psyched up and they have made it very difficult”.

comeback key: “Having scored as soon as the second half began has helped us to be calmer and has allowed us to take advantage of the spaces. In this second part we have been more successful on the ball and in finishing”.

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complicated match: “It is not easy to win these games, they are a good team with good players and very motivated. I leave satisfied with some things and not so much with others. I’m not satisfied with everything, but I’m not disgusted either. Today everyone makes it difficult for you and in the end if you are not fine you suffer, and today we have seen it ”.

It’s been a long time ago: “They are powerful in the passing game, we have had quite a deficit in those plays and as has been seen, they have finished us off a lot. These games serve to learn lessons, but fortunately we continue to learn by winning, which is what is important”.

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Type of solutions: “We have to look for solutions when the rival closes us off, we are not precise and today we have not been with the ball either, but as I said, we must take into account the rival who has worked a lot accumulated people and has made it very difficult . It has been difficult for us to get the ball from behind with the central defenders, but I think that in the second half we have corrected it ”.

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