Setién: “I don’t have a negative signal from the club towards me”

Quique Setién does not feel that the position against Getafe is being played, although he does describe the game as “very important”. Four consecutive defeats in the League are a lot for a team that aspires to get into European positions and that doubts have not been cleared up since the departure of Unai Emery and the arrival of the Cantabrian.

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Big match:

Not important, it is a very important game. We need to add three points, since we have a losing streak of results. We need positive reinforcement, and this cannot be any other way than by winning this game. It is clear that between desire and reality there is an important stretch, since Getafe will also want to win this game. We’ve had a very good week of work, we’re playing at home, and I think we’re going into the game with the best possible guarantees. We are fine and confident.

Getafe match keys:

The keys… We already know Getafe, they are a strong rival who are clear about what they do and what they have to do. It is true, that now they are low in the table, but we are clear that all the teams are having a hard time. They are a solid team, who try to get out quickly when they get the ball back. A team that is not easy to make chances for when they are defending in their field, so we will have to be very successful. Normally we will have more of the ball, but this is not an indication that you can have it easier.

We must create chances and above all, materialize them. Being aware that we cannot allow them to go easy on the counterattack.

Gerard Moreno:

Gerard, has spent a few weeks out of the team, little by little he has been solving his problem, and now he is a little better. Today he has already completed training, so tomorrow he will be in the call and we will have him.

Team situation in these defeats:

We have given a good enough level in our home games to have obtained better results, it is true that they were rivals that compromised us, but we had more chances than they did to win those games.

We lacked success.

Away from home we have not reached that level, but in both games we had moments in which we could have changed it. In Mallorca with the expulsion of Manu it cost us a lot, although we were able to balance it twice. While in Elche, those two penalties at key moments did us a lot of damage.

The key is to mitigate those errors that we had and that punished us, in addition to having more success on the occasions that we had. I think that what we need is to have that point of success in front of the goal that allows us to get ahead.

Errors that punish the team:

Soccer is sometimes difficult to decipher, one tries to find a justification for what is happening, but the reality is that there are things that you cannot control. We cannot control Filip’s slip against Rayo, in Mallorca the miss in the first goal, in Elche the first goal comes from two unusual rebounds…

These are streaks, but I see the team strongly aware to turn it around, I think that this Monday we are going to play a very good game and get out of the phase we are in.

Team goal:

Right now we can say what we want, but what is going to happen in the end nobody knows. We are going to see what we are doing and what the others are doing, no one is so consistent as to think that the distances are going to grow a lot. It is true that this bad streak has gotten us out of there, but we also see that the teams that are there are also having a hard time winning. It’s hard for all of us to win and score goals, so you have to be firm and think that two victories get you there. And that a run as bad as this still allows us to be within reach of the objective.

Casualties punish the team:

Not only the absence of Gerard, you just have to see the circumstances in which the team has found itself in recent months. We have players who have not been able to continue or are injured, and that is important. Definitive players like Gerard, Gio or Alfonso, who are decisive for the team without a doubt. I have always had confidence in what was there, I have always adapted to everything that is there, but now I see things with optimism, and even more thinking of getting these players back soon. I think that in a couple of weeks or three we will have all the troops and in the important part of the championship we will be able to have the whole team in good condition.

public support:

If we are all together, everything flows differently. The fans are clear that the commitment and work will be there. The team is determined and wants to do things well, I think this is something that should be valued. It is true that you have the support of the people, you go to the parties with more optimism and more strength. The truth is that we don’t have any complaints from the fans, we’ve always had their support, and I’m sure we’ll have it this Monday. As I said, the players deserve it.

Personal situation:

Here, as everywhere else, we all lose and we all win. Here there is not a specific question, but it is true that the most indicated in these cases is always the coach; but I don’t have a negative signal. The club is aware of what is happening and how things are happening, and it is true that these four defeats worry us all, but there is a serious analysis of why these things are happening.

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