“Serum Correa lies,” says the Ministry of Sports

The Ministry of Sports and Recreation (Miderec) described the accusations made by the Dominican Athletics Federation chaired by Gerardo Suero Correa to the Listín Diario as “lies”, in the sense that in the current administration of Francisco Camacho that discipline has been mistreated.

José Luis Suero, Miderec’s liaison with the National Sports Federations, reacted with surprise and with a folder full of financial reports, he assured that athletics has received 124 million pesos in the last three years.

“Unfortunately, Mr. Correa spoke lies because in the last three years of Francisco Camacho’s management, in monthly grants and extraordinary contributions the Athletics Federation has received 49 million 474 thousand pesos.”

Suero indicated that there are other items and other variables that must be considered. Among them, the number of athletes (24) who belong to PARNI (Program for High Performance Athletes, New Values ​​and Immortals), who receive 4 million 151 thousand pesos a year and multiplied by three, amount to 12 million 453 thousand pesos.

He also said that these amounts also include the insurance of the athletes’ families. The coach also said that the coaches have received 800,000 pesos and the Academy of the double Olympic medalist, Félix Sánchez, a total of 2 million pesos.

“Chiguete” stressed that the federation receives 192 daily food rations from Miderec, services that exceed 48 million pesos during the current management of Miderec.

Regarding the ministry personnel who provide services to the federation, he said that they have earned more than 10 million pesos in salaries on the payroll.

Of this group attached to the federation there are 42 people, of which a total of 26 coaches are paid by the government entity, which represents 61%.

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He argued that all these contributions are outside of those made by Miderec for the events corresponding to the Olympic cycle that it delivers to the Dominican Olympic Committee.

He assured that through the Creso, the federation receives 125 thousand dollars, which translates into around 7 million pesos.

He also said that in 2016 the federation received the conversion in Dominican pesos of 483 thousand dollars for the reconstruction of the Félix Sánchez Olympic Stadium and added that “since the time of Jay Payano there has been a norm that the national sports federations of the subsidy they receive must allocate 30% for administrative expenses, 30% for national events and 40% international events, something that Athletics does not comply with”.

Finally, the sports leader invited Suero Correa, president of the Athletics Federation, to a meeting to deliver all the documentation.

“These are irrefutable data from the financial area of ​​Miderec, if he wants it with great pleasure we are ready to deliver it to him.”

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The president of the Dominican Athletics Federation, visiting Listín Diario, demanded to know the plan that Miderec will execute to repair the track of the Félix Sánchez Olympic Stadium and the warm-up track of the Juan Pablo Duarte Olympic Center.

He also said that despite sending several communications to Minister Camacho, requesting a meeting, he has not received a response.


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