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Series 6 that you cannot miss on Apple TV +

Series 6 that you cannot miss on Apple TV +

The Apple TV + content list is updated frequently and the main news for the coming months are already known.

Among the many series, films and documentaries on offer, we present you with some of the news and content that are causing a stir.

Foundation – September 24

Based on the style of Isaac Asimov’s novels, Foundation is one of the most talked about series of the moment. Within the science fiction genre, it follows Hari Seldon, a mathematician who predicts the fall of the Galactic Empire and who, to save humanity, creates a base.

The Jon Stewart Trouble – September 30

Famous host Jon Stewart returns to visual media and, this time, exclusively on Apple TV + with his interview series The Problem with Jon Stewart. In each hour-long program, Stewart discusses current global problems for which he seeks a solution.

Acapulco – October 8

The comedy Acapulco has 30-minute episodes and the events take place in 1984. It tells the story of a young Mexican who gets a job in one of the most famous spas in Acapulco.

Invasion – October 22

Also within the genre of science fiction, Invasion travels the world to show the different perspectives of each place to the alien invasion that is taking place.

Swagger – October 29

Swagger follows young athletes from the Amateur Athletic Union basketball league as they attempt to turn pro and play in the long-awaited NBA. It shows all the difficulties and obstacles that young people face, as well as some opportunistic and illegal situations in which they are involved to achieve the goal of being a professional.

Finch – November 5

Finch is a robotics engineer who, sheltered in his bunker, survived the world apocalypse. After 10 years isolated in the shelter with his dog, he builds a robot whose mission will be to take care of the animal after Finch disappears. Tom Hanks is the protagonist.

On Apple TV + you can also learn the history of the music band Velvel Underground or, alternatively, follow the new season of the fun series Ted Lasso.

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