Sergio Vargas supports pensions for artists: “The Dominican artistic community is very poor”

The Dominican merengue player Sergio Vargas came to the defense of the artists who have received a pension from the Dominican State, assuring that this community is very poor.

He assured that the Dominican artistic class in general is poor and a pension is a right to which all Dominicans aspire regardless of their nature.

“There are artists who are very rich, but the Dominican artistic community is very poor, I don’t know why they fuck around and criticize so much every time they retire an artist,” said the singer-songwriter on leaving a visit he made to President Luis Abinader in the National Palace.

When questioned as to whether he would receive a state pension, he stated that President Luis Abinader handles his rights as a Dominican and has the power to grant him a subsidy.

“Is there a problem?” Asked the artist, as usual.

President Luis Abinader has retired and increased the pension for several artists this year, including the typical merenguera Fefita la Grande and Ana Victoria GarcĂ­a de Oller, better known as Vikiana.

Through decree 53-21, President Luis Abinader granted a pension of 75 thousand pesos a month to Fefita la Grande, while Vikiana’s pension was raised to RD $ 69,000.

Visit to the Palace

The artist of "tell him" He assured that his visit to the President of the Republic was to talk about Villa Altagracia and the difficulty of the aqueduct in that area.

“This time I am happy because my intelligence invites me to believe in Abinader, I am totally convinced that the solution will be immediate,” he said.

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