Sergio Ramos to Real Madrid for free and charging half

The Spanish defender lives an ordeal at PSG and wants to return home

Things did not go well for a Sergio Ramos who lost his pulse with the Real Madrid and that he has lost everything in the PSG. Right now almost no one expects to see the Sergio Ramos Imperial, the best defense on the planet. And if emotionally he was already bad, now after filtering his salary things have gotten worse.

Because Sergio Ramos he was captain and legend of Real Madrid, captain of the Selection and one of the most matches that had been played in the history of national team football. He went to Paris, theoretically for money. However, it has now been known that Ramos charges 6 million in the PSG, which is half of what he charged in the Real Madrid.

PSG Ramos
The arrival of Ramos at PSG continues to open doors, this time at Atlético.

Sergio Ramos close to playing again

The injury, which made him doubtful for the Euro, or so it was said, turned out to be much more important. We are on November 11, it is the first week that you can train with the rest of the group. Once he reappears, it seems difficult that he can become a starter, since Kimpembe and Marquinhos are at an exalted level.

As if that were not enough, Aymeric Laporte and Eric García have established themselves in the Spanish National Team, as well as Pau Torres and Iñigo Martínez who were already there. The group has been renewed with young people who have a lot of desire and today it does not seem feasible that Luis Enrique is going to throw Ramos again.

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Golden opportunity for Real Madrid with Sergio Ramos

If we add the defensive hole that Real Madrid has to the personal situation of Sergio Ramos, the pieces of the puzzle fit together. Ramos will become impatient if he sees that he recovers and does not finish being a starter in Paris. At the same time he knows that if he asks to return to Real Madrid, Ancelotti would welcome him with open arms.

But it is also that now they can bypass Thebes. Because with the 6 million that appear in his contract at PSG, Real Madrid can sign Sergio ramos and give him a longer contract but with a much lower salary than the 12 clean ones he received in his day. Ramos will now have no choice but to accept his salary if he wants to return.

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