Sergio Ramos’ ambition changes PSG for Atlético

In this case, they plan to use various schemes and strategies that would come into effect as soon as possible.

Sergio Ramos is being considered a zero-contribution footballer at PSG, which is why he could enter the routine of departures where he sees the Athletic as a quite desirable destination. This speculation comes after it has proliferated that their record is very high, and that they need a player in another area of ​​the field.

That player is related to the position of Kylian Mbappé, which has not yet extended its contract. His name is Joao Felixso they could release the ex from Real Madrid and Seville in exchange for only having a priority when facing the transfer of the Portuguese. Interesting and very intriguing indeed.

PSG Ramos
A signing in the portfolio of Pochettino, could return Ramos to Spain, and from the hand of Atlético

Everything indicates that Atlético would be the new home of Sergio Ramos against all odds

This information comes after the case that leads to extending Felipe in the rows of the mattress box was shown in a confusing way. They are going to need a player in that area and that seems to be Ramos. He has experience, knows the environment and needs to be ready for the World Cup.

In addition, he has the thorn of not having been able to perform in the last season and a half, where he could not be focused on Real Madrid and they have given him few minutes in France. The PSG bosses have admitted their mistake and seek to amend it now that it is possible and that they have the resources in their hands.

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Another additional factor is in favor of Ramos and his return to Spain

To all this we must add in the last hours that PSG have sought advice and support from Pablo Motos, who wants Pilar Rubio, the camero’s wife, back in El Hormiguero and his challenges. So it is important to have it residing in the country and not as far away as it is right now.

Also counting on the influence of the presenter who has admitted to being a very close friend of the defender, and of the family itself. Everything has been activated and resources are at stake. For now the case is still there latent waiting for a positive response as far as possible for the summer market.

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