Sergio Martín, after his accident: “My legs feel nothing”

The Caja Rural cyclist – Seguros RGA Sergio Román Martín faces the most decisive stage of his life after the serious accident he suffered while training in the vicinity of Galapagar. An accident that caused the cyclist to spend several days in the ICU after suffering the fracture of five ribs and two vertebrae before being transferred to the Hospital for Paraplegics in Toledo to continue his recovery.

One month after the fateful accident, which took place on March 8, Sergio Román Martín wanted to publish an open letter on his social networks to tell how his life has changed since then.

This is the full letter published by Sergio Román Martín on his Instagram account:

“April 8. Today is one month and one day since the accident, the day that changed my life completely.

Before my main priority was the watts, the next race and spending time with my friends to disconnect, now I think that they have to put me on one side to avoid getting a sore on my ass.

Yes, they have me.

I am not capable of turning my body, and if someone else does not do it for me, I sleep all night in the same position.

My hours have changed too. Before, I would take my dog ​​for a walk, go out to train, do my job and get to eat between 2:30 and 4, depending on how long the training was.

Now they wake me up and after a short time I have breakfast on a tray, they lift me up to the chair and I go to rehabilitation with the physio or occupational therapy.

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In the afternoons I am lucky enough to receive my family and friends, who make my stay here much more enjoyable.

We talk about things, we laugh and they bring me things I might need, like a package of ham or something tasty from the pastry shop on duty, although I don’t really like sweets…

But as soon as they leave I return to reality. I have a patient close to me with a disease called Guillain Barré syndrome, and she is not able to speak if she is not a kind of screaming but without being able to vocalize.

I hear that, I see other patients in the chair coming back into the room, and when I’m alone in the chair for a while, I look down and see my legs, just sitting there, and I think.

Those legs that have given me so much joy on the bike, that I have felt burning from giving everything in a stage of La Vuelta, now feel nothing.

They are not there, they do not move, they are not cold or hot, it is a strange sensation.

They lay me down between two guards who tell me something funny to make the situation a little better and I turn off the lights.

Tomorrow will be another day”.

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