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Sergio Carreira communicates his future to RC Celta

The winger left the door ajar for his current team

the right side Sergio Carrera Belongs to Celtic RC but it’s on loan CD Mirandes. On June 30, he ends his loan contract with the Burgos club, and at the moment its future is not very clear. The truth is that his desire to return to the Celtic team is still latent, but he also gave hope to his current team to continue on loan.

“I already said that my dream is to be at Celta” said the right-handed lane player when asked about a possible return to Vigo in summer. However, there are conditions to make the player discard that return and concentrate on playing either in the boar picture or another club. This will also depend on the continuity of Coudet as mister celtista.

Celtic Race
Carreira wants to succeed with the light blue shirt, but if he does not have minutes he will not return to Balaídos.

Carreira’s return depends on the continuity of the coach and two other players at Celta

These days the idea of ​​making a slight change on the bench reverberates. Despite the latest results that have been taking place in the Galician team, the continuity of Eduardo Coudet has been called into question. With this, the probability of signing Diego Martínez has also arisen, which proves that Carlos Mouriño really thinks of relieving the Argentine coach.

The current Celtic coach has Hugo Mallo and Kevin Vázquez to occupy the right side. As long as the pair of lanes remain in the squad, Carreira won’t have a chance. And it is that it was the coach who signed the departure of the player from Vigo since he considers that his current full-backs are better suited to his idea of ​​the game.

Carreira’s options are reduced to continuing at Mirandés or returning to Celta

Since Sergio Carreira joined the squad led by Joseba Etxeberria, he has taken over the right side. This season, the Galician has played 2,511 minutes spread over 31 games, almost all the games so far. It is clear that for the Basque coach, the winger is the undisputed starter due to his extensive conditions, which also have him in the U-21 team.

The probabilities for there to be a loan extension at Mirandés are proportional to what is going to happen in the Celtic squad. Diego Martínez may sign as Celta’s new coach and give the order to return to the side. How can they give continuity to Coudet and continue with his idea of ​​playing with Mallo and Vázquez.

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