Sergio Carlo denounces Micky López threatens him

The communicator Sergio Carlo, producer of the digital program “Antinoti”, denounced that he received threats from Miguel Arturo Lopez (Micky)who appears in a drug trafficking file, like his wife, the deputy for the Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM), Rosa Amalia Pilarte.

“I formally and publicly hold Mr. Miguel Antonio López Florencio, alias Micky López, of anything that happens to me, or to a relative of mine or to any of the members of the Antinoti“, Sergio Carlo said in his space on YouTube.

The communicator said that on Monday, July 10, the first installment of a series entitled “Memories against oblivion” began, which compiles the allegations of corruption, drug trafficking, money laundering, scandals in which people who hold or have held public office are mentioned, starting with cases from the last three years and which over time have been forgotten.

“To our surprise of all the cases mentioned, perhaps the one that seemed less relevant now becomes the most important and that deserves both investigation and expansion because without the slightest shame I was approached directly by the man who identified himself as Micky López, both via message on Instagram as well as by phone to, apart from trying to insult and threaten, call me to stop talking m%% for the simple fact of us having repeated what the written press and more have covered for a long time, and that confirms it, car 00051, dated June 11, 2021”.

It refers to the disposition of the Attorney General of the Republic, Miriam Germán Britoto instruct an investigation against the PRM deputy for La Vega.

“If what we have said is not true, against the presentation of the evidence we grant you the right of reply that we give to everyone to clarify, but threatening to silence us is not the solution?” Sergio said.

On the subject, he pointed out: “I never thought that the exercise of responsible journalism in this country would be threatened, much less did I think that the intolerance of sectors would reach these limits.”

then added: “The era of silencing journalists by intimidating and intimidating is in the past.”

Sergio also expressed his solidarity with the lawyer and journalist Pedro Jiménez, who made a similar complaint against Micky López.

In the end, Sergio announced the call made by Micky López, who tried to convince him that the information commented by the young communicator was not true.

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