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Sergio Arribas is the great dream of the Sheikh of Almería: open negotiations

Time passes and more offers appear on the horizon for the talented Castilla midfielder. The latest proposal has come from the indalic complex, where its owner and president wants it at all costs.

Attacking midfielder Sergio Arribas’ mailbox is filling up with more and more offers, and the latest (and very promising) arrival is from UD Almería. Its owner and president, Turki Al-Sheikh, has already informed his entire board of directors of his willingness to sign the castile star. While not an easy task, they will try anything.

Fiorentino Perez He was already very clear and direct about the conditions that the negotiation around Sergio Arribas will have. In the first place, the Madrid champion will not dissociate himself from the merengue entity, but he will not leave on loan either. Specifically, what the Juventus president wants is to sell 50% of his sports rights, but the price is no more convincing than a team.

Sergio Arribas Almeria
Florentino intends to sell 50% of the sports rights of Arribas, for 10 million euros.

The conditions of Real Madrid to let Sergio Arribas go, Almería pending

From the Madrid offices, and by order of their top manager, they specified that the price for half of the player’s pass is 10 million euros. This figure would already have scared off more than one club interested in the creative midfielder, Girona CF being the first to withdraw from the deal. But the Indálico club is still there, hoping to find an agreement with Florentino.

Turki Al-Sheikh has the money to make the transfer, but he’s not sure if it’s for 50% of the sporting rights. As for Vicente Moreno, the new helmsman of the Almeriensista team, he is very much looking forward to what can happen to the player, as he is a valuable piece of the offensive plot. The Arab sheikh knows he has to make a decision fast, as several teams begin hounding the crack merengue.

The race for Sergio Arribas who wants to win Almería

Others also appear with the rojiblanco team such as RCD Mallorca, Sevilla FC, Getafe CF and an international from the Bundesliga. They all have something in common and it is the greatest desire to have the services of the attacking midfielder. But they also have the similarity of not being convinced by the conditions that Florentino Pérez is setting.

Be that as it may, Sergio Arribas will not play for Castilla, as his talent does not suit Raúl González’s squad, who are happy to keep him. So if no LaLiga team EA Sports is encouraged to pay the 10 million, the one that could do it is Bayer Leverkusen. An option that has also affected the midfielder himself, as it could be the ticket that sends him to the Spanish national team.

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