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Sergio Arribas has to choose between Sevilla FC and Betis

The talent of the Madrid midfielder has diminished his chances of continuing to play in the First RFEF, and has catapulted him into a military role in the 2 big clubs in Andalusia. Who will take his transfer?

For a long time the Sevilla F.C. He has been negotiating the signing of the talented player, Sergio Arribas, but things get complicated. This as Real Betis gets more and more into the operation, where Pellegrini has ruled that he wants to drive yes or yes. The performance that the Real Madrid youth squad It is surprising, and it has the two greats of Andalusia face to face.

Everything indicated that Sevilla was the one who was going to take the services of Arribas, but the irruption of the Betic team has complicated the operation. Thus, in the Madridista offices they will await the offer that meets the will of Florentino Pérez, who is interested in the boy playing in LaLiga EA Sports. But then, how is the outlook for each team?

  Sergio Arribas Seville
Sevilla FC is the one who has invested the most time in the operation of Sergio Arribas.

Sevilla FC seeks the signing of Sergio Arribas as a substitute for Bryan Gil and Betis wants him as an alternative to Lo Celso

Each club has a different purpose around the signing of the Madridista youth squad. For example, the Seville team wants him as an alternative to Bryan Gil, since the negotiation with Tottenham for a loan extension was a failure. Víctor Orta has already stated that they will not wear themselves out on applications with no future, and they focus on new faces full of talent.

Besides, The Heliopolitan team is also having serious problems with the signing of Giovani Lo Celso, who curiously returned to the Spurs club, like the Andalusian. Sergio Arribas could be that hook that the Chilean coach is needing, to give more playability to the wingers. In the same way, the man from Madrid would be the replacement for Sergio Canales, who is packing his bags to travel to Mexico.

Real Madrid has already made clear the conditions to grant the signing of Sergio Arribas

The first team that puts up the 10 million euros that Florentino Pérez asks for the 21-year-old boy, will take 50% of his sports rights. That’s right, the white president has reserved nothing more and nothing less than half the percentage for a future sale, or to recover the midfielder, in the style of Fran García.

Sevilla FC has closed only 2 signings, one of which cost 12 million euros (Loic Bade) while Betis has closed all 3 operations at zero cost. What makes us understand that the Betic club has a certain margin of advantage for the hiring of Sergio Arribas. There are still several days to go before the season begins, and more suitors could continue to appear for the talented attacking midfielder.

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