Serge Ibaka offers himself to Real Madrid if Tavares doesn’t continue

The Congolese-Hispanic player opens the door to a return to Europe amid an uncertain future for the team’s star pioneer

Crowned the 2019 NBA champion with the Toronto Raptors, the talented Congolese Hispanic player is determined to continue his career in the American League after a series of challenges and obstacles. at 33 years, Serge Ibaka continues to work tirelessly to return to the NBA and show his winning spirit and experience are valuable assets for any team.

After a frustrating experience with the Miwukee Bucks, where a lack of communication led to his departure from the team last February. The player faced additional difficulties during his brief stint with the Indiana Pacers, where he never made his debut.. Last season, he didn’t have a team to belong to and remained a free agent waiting for a chance to return to the field.

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A new chapter in Europe

Serge Ibaka: a look at Real Madrid

In an exclusive interview with The Athletic, Ibaka shared his determination and goals. “My mentality is the same as always. I want to find an opportunity to go somewhere where I can contribute, have fun, and be happy. That’s what I have in mind now,” the player commented. Ibaka also stressed that his vast experience can be of great value to young teams looking to progress and achieve success in the league.

Among the options Ibaka is keeping open, one of the most striking is the possibility of joining Real Madrid. Although the team’s star pivot, Walter Tavares, currently plays a central role in the team, the prospect of Tavares Ibaka’s potential departure could open the door to exploring the possibility of joining the club. Ibaka’s track record in the NBA and focus on developing young players could fit into the team’s long-term vision and help build a competitive roster.

The way to salvation

Serge Ibaka’s experience with the Miwukee Bucks left a lasting impression on him. The lack of communication and feeling unappreciated led him to question his commitment to the sport he loves. “There was a moment when I couldn’t take it anymore. I love this game, but if it’s going to affect my peace of mind and happiness, it’s not worth it,” Ibaka mused.

While a return to Europe is not out of the question, Ibaka is determined to seek a second chance in the NBA and has expressed it his interest in moving to Real Madrid if the situation with star midfielder Walter Tavares is favourable. His determination and positive approach make him an inspiring figure on and off the pitch.

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