Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic declares himself the winner of the parliamentary elections amid allegations of fraud

Serbian Prime Minister Ana Brnabic, has assured that the Aleksandar Vucic-Serbia must not stop coalition, which includes the ruling Progressive Party, is the winner of this Sunday’s parliamentary elections with 47.1% support after the recount of half of the selected representative sample. “I repeat the president’s words and welcome the celebration,” Brnabic said in his first appearance after the polls closed, then stressed that the final dates will not differ much from this preview, according to the Serbian network. B92.

With these data, the coalition will have more than 125 deputies in the National Assembly with a total of 250 seats, guaranteeing it an absolute majority. The CeSID/IPSOS exit poll also points to a clear victory for the governing coalition with 46.6% support and 129 representatives. Second place goes to Serbia Against Violence with 23 percent of the vote and 63 seats, while the coalition led by the Serbian Socialist Party (SPS) would get 6.9 percent and 19 seats.

They are followed by the National Democratic Alternative (NADA) with 4.8 percent of the vote and 13 seats as well as the Dr. Branimir Nestorovic, also with 4.8 percent of the vote and 13 seats. Behind it are the Alliance of Hungarians of Vojvodina (6 MPs), the coalition of the Justice and Reconciliation Party and the Democratic Union of Croats of Vojvodina (3 seats), the Democratic Action Party Sulejman Ugljanin (2 seats) and a representative of Saip Kamberis Lita and for the Russian Party.

Vucic had declared at a news conference minutes earlier that with 76% of votes counted he would have “an absolute majority in the 127-seat parliament,” although final results are not expected until Monday evening. The president had 120 seats in the last legislative period. “My job was to do everything in my power to ensure that you got an absolute majority in parliament,” he told his colleagues.

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Fraud allegations

Brnabic referred to the opposition’s allegations of fraud. “Let me first start with what will be talked about in the coming days, untruths, fake news, etc. All with the aim of creating an atmosphere conducive to chaos,” he explained. “It’s all fake news about bent license plates on black SUVs and supposed arrests.” “It’s a huge lie, like there was a Bulgarian train in New Belgrade, brutal lies,” he said. “The opposition wants to declare victory even though the votes haven’t even been counted yet, but they have a plan.”

Serbia Against Violence assured that they were able to document 450 irregularities across the country, including an attack on one of their representatives in Kula. “A large number of cars with Bosnian-Herzegovinian license plates were seen around the Belgrade Arena, raising suspicions that voters were transported in an organized manner from Republika Srpska to vote in Belgrade today,” the spokesman noted Peda Mitrovic. “Today the Belgrade Arena was a gathering center for ghost voters. What we have been warning about for weeks and months is happening. People from neighboring republics were fictitiously registered for the elections in Belgrade and Serbia.

The opposition coalition, a front of up to nine parties led by Radomir Lazovicsaid Sunday morning that these elections were “the dirtiest electoral process yet.”

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