The publication of the video clip of the bachata "Atheist", interpreted by the Spanish C. Tangana and the Argentine Nathy Peluso, generated a controversy in Spain, since many wonder how it is possible that its recording was allowed in a sacred temple such as the Cathedral of Toledo, while the church authorities they justified the recording.

"The outrage caused It has been such that the dean of the Cathedral of Toledo, Juan Miguel Ferrer, has had to justify the facts in a press release", reported the portal

Ferrer assures that the subject "presents the story of a conversion through human love", although he has apologized to people who disliked the video.

In the audiovisual you can see the Spanish rapper and singer C. Tangana and the Argentine singer Nathy Peluso They dance in a sensual way before the attentive gaze of some religious who spy his footsteps hidden between the columns.

Although they justified the recording in the temple, the authorities of the primate cathedral of Spain apologized in case "some people may dislike it" this video or hurt your sensibilities.

In Ferrer’s statement to the reactions caused by this recording, it is noted that the lyrics of the song are accurate: "I was an atheist, but now I believe, because a miracle like you had to come down from heaven".

What’s more "he contrasts with certain attitudes of intolerance the understanding and acceptance of the Church, as manifested in the final sequences of the video"continues Dean Ferrer.

Although he acknowledges that it is true that the video uses "provocative visual language"Ferrer points out that it does not affect faith. "It is a language typical of the culture of our time and the good that it can produce in those far away has been attended to.", it states.

However, the Cabildo of the primate cathedral of Spain "the Mint" that some people can produce "disgust" and apologize "if it has been able to hurt your sensitivity", then "the purpose has been exclusively to promote dialogue with contemporary culture, always preserving the faith of the Church".

In this sense, Ferrer ensures that the Primate Cathedral "has tried to maintain a sincere dialogue with the cultural manifestations of the moment, trying to respond to what the Church asks of us today".

Nathy Peluso and the name of the song "Atheist" They were among the most discussed topics on the social network Twitter, where a multitude of reactions were generated regarding the recording of this video clip in the Primeval Cathedral of Spain.

"Atheist" It was released this Friday accompanied by a video in which the Madrid interpreter and the Argentine singer meet inside the religious temple and begin to dance to the song.

Before the fearful and expectant gaze of religious who spy on them between the columns, in one of the steps Tangana pulls Peluso’s hair, a gesture that already served them a few days ago to promote the song.



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