Senior Nike member reveals killing man when he was 16 and gang member

Nike’s Jordan brand president Larry Miller recently made a surprising revelation. He recounts having killed an 18-year-old boy on the night of September 30, 1965.

After decades of keeping his secret buried in silence, as he confides to Sports Illustrated, Larry Miller finally took his courage in both hands, and explains that at the time of the facts, he was only 16 years old.

At that time, Jordan’s boss was one of the members of a gang called “Cedar Avenue”. He says that one of his friends had been stabbed to death during a fight.

Later that month, after getting drunk, Larry Miller and other friends of his clan went on a spur of the moment looking for supporters affiliated with the rival gang called “53rd and Pine”. They then shot the first person they encountered.

The 18-year-old victim’s name was Edward White, and Larry Miller confesses that he didn’t know him and had no idea he was involved in his friend’s knife murder, or even if he was doing it. well part of their enemy gang.

Larry Miller has since paid for his crime as he spent many years from his teens to his 30s, in jail and in juvenile detention centers. “At 16, I was just a gangster, a thug and I drank everyday,” he admits.

But these years behind bars, will have finally been beneficial to him because during this time, he turned to studies and at the age of 30 he obtained his diploma in accounting.

Yet Miller says he was caught up in his past. While he was on the verge of landing a job with a prestigious accounting firm, his transparency about his history cost him “the opportunity of his dreams”. “I will never share that again” he had promised himself then.

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Haunted by his secret

Now 72 years old, Larry Miller has come a long way and finally rose to the top post of president of the Jordan branch of Nike, after moving to companies like Campbell Soup, Kraft Foods and the Trail Blazers basketball franchise of 2007 to 2012, where he was also president. But at no time did he let his secret “which haunted him during all these years” escape, he admits.

It is through a book which will appear at the beginning of the year 2022 and entitled “Jump: My Secret Journey From the Streets to the Boardroom”, that Larry Miller has decided to confide more deeply about his youth. “It was really difficult for me” he testifies to the American sports media.

Larry Miller who now deeply regrets his act confides, “that there was no valid reason for that to happen”, and it is the thing that he really struggles with and that he thinks about every day. He hopes that by revealing his heavy secret, he can “discuss his experiences with young people at risk and those in prison, and perhaps help to distance others from violence to move towards a productive life” .

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