Senegal: opponent Ousmane Sonko has been arrested, announce members of his party

The arrest took place in the late afternoon. Senegalese opponent Ousmane Sonko was arrested at his home on Friday July 28, two members of his party, Pastef, told AFP. “There were gendarmes in front of his house”, said the party’s spokesman, while the opponent’s chief of protocol said the gendarmerie was “come to take it”, however, no data for this arrest. “Ousmane Sonko has just been locked up in the cellar of the Tribunal”, wrote French lawyer Juan Branco, who defends the Senegalese opponent, in a message on Twitter.

The Senegalese Ministries of Interior and Justice could not be reached by telephone.

Sentenced on June 1 to two years in prison

Ousmane Sonko was sentenced on June 1 to two years in prison in a vice case, a verdict which makes him ineligible as it stands, according to his lawyers and jurists. His conviction caused, at the beginning of June, the most serious disturbances for years in Senegal, which left 16 dead according to the authorities, around thirty according to the opposition.

Senegalese government spokesman Abdou Karim Fofana said recently that the decision whether or not to arrest the opponent was up to the public prosecutor. The Minister of Justice affirmed immediately after his conviction that Ousmane Sonko could be arrested “at any time“.

The opponent, invested candidate for the next presidential election by his party, was also sentenced, on May 8, to six months in prison, suspended, during an appeal trial for defamation, a sentence widely perceived as making him ineligible. for the election. But he has not yet exhausted his appeals to the Supreme Court.

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