Senator Elizabeth Warren’s anti-crypto strategy will fail according to polls

Noted US Senator Elizabeth Warren has long been not a fan of crypto and is now making her “anti-crypto agenda” one of her core issues for the re-election campaign, despite polls suggesting that the majority of Americans believe crypto is an important asset. innovation for the future.

“Anti-crypto army”

In a tweet on March 30, the Senator for Massachusetts said she is fighting to “put the government on the side of working families.” The video showed, among other things, that Warren is building a so-called ”anti-crypto army”.

This naturally caused a lot of reactions and commotion within the crypto community. For example, popular crypto YouTuber Coin Bureau ridiculed the strategy and said“Imagine thinking that building an ‘anti-crypto army’ is going to get you votes.”

Warren has long been an outspoken critic of crypto, even arguing that it would destroy the economy in a Wall Street Journal op-ed shortly after FTX went under.

Polls from the crypto industry

Recent polls conducted by the crypto industry suggest that Warren’s stance will not win over the majority of the population.

On February 24, US-listed crypto exchange Coinbase conducted a survey survey of 2,202 US adults found that a whopping 74% of those surveyed believed that “cryptocurrency and blockchain are the future.”

A survey from November commissioned by Grayscale Investment shared similar results, with responses suggesting that 59% of Democrats see crypto as the future of finance. 51% of Republicans shared the same view.

However, the dramatic 2022 could work in Warren’s favor again. The various collapses of big names like Terra (LUNA), Celsius, BlockFi and FTX have left a negative mark on the overall industry. A recent study of Morning Consult therefore came to the conclusion that confidence in crypto had fallen sharply during the past year.

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