Home Entertainment Senate of the Republic recognizes the merenguero Kinito Méndez

Senate of the Republic recognizes the merenguero Kinito Méndez

Senate of the Republic recognizes the merenguero Kinito Méndez

The Senate of the Republic recognized the merenguero Kinito Méndez, for his contributions to popular art and culture of the Dominican Republiccontributing to the transformation and internationalization of merengue for 36 years.

To the rhythm of the güira and tambora, the recognition ceremony was held in the multipurpose room of the Senate, where some of the best hits of the outstanding artist were performed.

The act was headed by the president of the upper house, Edward Starwho highlighted the artistic career of Kinito Méndez.

The recognition of the popular merenguero was made after the Senate Plenary unanimously approved a Resolution submitted by the senator from Azua, Lía Díaz Santana, who valued the contributions of the artist in the development of merenguemusical rhythm that identifies Dominicans.

The merengue player Kinito Méndez, visibly moved, expressed his gratitude to the Senate of the Republic for recognizing his musical career, and also asked to continue promoting the rhythms (merengue and bachata) that identify Dominican culture.

“I feel that it is my country that is recognizing me through the Senate,” Méndez said during the ceremony.

Origins of Kinito Mendez

Kinito Méndez, a native of the Padre Las Casas municipality, was born on November 18, 1963, in the Azua province. YoHe began his musical career in the Coco Band orchestrawhere he reaped hits such as “El Cacú”, “El Coronel” and “El Boche”, among others.

Present at the recognition ceremony were senators Santiago José Zorrilla, Vice President of the Senate; Dionis Sánchez, Franklin Romero, Melania Salvador, Antonio Marte, Alexis Victoria, Franklin Rodríguez and Milcíades Franjul. Also the deputy Brenda Ogando.

Kinito Méndez was accompanied by his wife Magda Paniagua, their children, and his mother, María de Jesús Lebrón, among other family members.

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